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What Can Liposuction Treatment Do for Me?

Areas you can reshape by liposuction

The liposuction treatment which many people take nowadays is called tumescent liposuction. It is primarily used to:

  1. Reduce saddlebags
  2. Flatten the belly
  3. Slim hips
  4. Jawline, which creates a more-defined profile
  5. Neck, leading to a more-youthful-looking appearance
  6. Knees and inner thighs, creating thinner legs
  7. Ankles
  8. Love handles, making them less noticeable    
  9. Waist, giving it more couture
  10. Buttocks
  11. Upper arms, decreasing their size
  12. Back fat, and many more. 

What can tumescent liposuction treatment do?

A tumescent liposuction procedure is used primarily for restoring youthful fullness to an aging face or mature hands. By this method, dermatologists remove fat from fatty areas of your body. That fat is then injected into the affecting aging face or hands. That usually results in creating a more youthful appearance.

If anyone has a hollow-looking face due to HIV or any other disease, the dermatologist removes fat from another area of the body. They then inject this fat into that area of the face which, as a result, can help in restoring facial fullness.

Treat excessive sweating

Tumescent liposuction is also helpful for those people who sweat excessively. Although this matters, treatments like prescription antiperspirants and iontophoresis are available. Still, tumescent liposuction treatment may be a reliable option for it.

A dermatologist removes much fat in the armpits to reduce excessive sweating. Mostly sweat glands are present in the fat of the underarms. So, eliminating fat can also reduce the sweating problem. And also, it is a permanent solution because sweat glands are removed.

Is Tumescent Liposuction safer than normal traditional liposuction?

Dermatologists mostly recommend tumescent liposuction for reshaping an area of your body. There are fewer risk factors in this process as compared to traditional liposuction.

The benefits of tumescent liposuction are 

  1. Less recovery time. 
  2. Bleeding
  3. Bruising
  4. Also, it is less expensive, so it helps in saving money.

What’s involved in getting tumescent liposuction?

An operating room isn’t necessary because tumescent liposuction can be performed in a medical office, unlike traditional liposuction treatment, which is often performed in an operating room.

The dermatologists first inject large amounts of liquid into the affected area to be treated before removing fat. That liquid also has an anesthetic effect that helps numbs the area so that the patient won’t feel pain and also has medicine that helps minimize the bleeding. 

The area will swell and feel firm when injected. Then the dermatologist will make an incision (cut) in the swollen area. He inserts a thin, hollow tube from this cut to remove the fat. With the help of this tube, the liquid and a small amount of fat are suctioned. 

Who gets the best results from tumescent liposuction?

People who can get the best results by using this liposuction treatment are who

  1. Are at a healthy weight
  2. Exercise daily 
  3. Consume a healthy diet 
  4. Have good muscle tone
  5. Have skin that instantly snaps back when pinched

However, remember that if you want tumescent liposuction treatment, you should make an appointment with a reliable skin specialist. Only a dermatologist will help shape the area to give you the best possible results. Also, he can tell you about the expected results in the initial consultation by examining your lifestyle and health.